"If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced." - Vincent Van Gogh

Singing My Song... Singing Your Song

Someone once said to me words that I will never forget, "You have the most beautiful soul and no one will let you sing your song!" Those words made me cry because it was SO TRUE!

But really WHO was stopping me from singing my song? Was it my family? Was it people around me?  What is the continual onslaught of negative life circumstances?

On the surface maybe that appeared to be the case and it would have been all too easy to blame those forces but the truth is... IT WAS ME! I was the one preventing myself from singing my song!

Think about it. Birds sing whether or not anyone is listening. Sometimes the song is welcome and beautiful to our ears. Sometimes the songs go unnoticed, drowned out by the sounds of cars, trains, voices or even the wind. At other times, as in a mockingbird in the tree outside of one's bedroom, the sound is unwelcome! But no one can stop the bird from singing it's song!

You have a song to sing. It's a song that rings out into the world like no other. It is a song of beauty, of love, of joy of hope. Your song is part of a greater chorus that rings throughout the world. If you don't sing your song, the harmony will be off. The chorus will not be as full and rich as it should be.

I know that life gets us down. We lose our way and we lose our voice. I understand because I too have been choked and gagged by the hardships of life. Often I've been so discouraged I've lost my way and my song.

And this is why I write. Writing helps me remember who I am. It forces me to listen to my inner beat and inspires me to release my song into the world. And what is my song? My song says that YOU are special. My song goes out into the lands to tell you to wake up and sing too! My melody wants your voice to come into unity with mine so that we can break the sound barrier and bring true beauty into this world.

My song is love. My song is acceptance. My song is to encourage you to climb out of your boxes, throw off ALL the binds you and SING!!!

I sing through my voice... my teaching... my words and I sing through my art.... my photography and all my creative ventures... both digitally and hands on messy stuff.

I sing in my business ventures! I sing to create beauty in a world that could go dark and creepy if we don't shine our light as brightly as possible!

I am here to help YOU sing your song. Through my meditations and broadening your art exposure, I seek to encourage you to discover and shed the things in your life that are strangling you and inspire you to find the real you and then SING! My art and my soul are here to let your art and your soul have full reign of expression both in your personal life and in your business.

In other words, I long to help both myself and YOU become physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy and whole! Spirit/soul/body health - a holistic approach. None of us can do it alone and I'm NOT the expert on everything but I can glean from the experts and point you to them for deeper study in the areas that you want to blossom in. The truth is that we have so many resources right at our fingertips thanks to the WWW. If you don't like to research, that's fine. Come along for the ride and I'll show you what I've found out.

Take the journey with me and we will sing boldly, beautifully and loudly together and make this world a better place!

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