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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hot off the press....

If you have ANY health issue, you need to watch this video. This includes arthritus, allergies, skin conditions, colon conditions, neuropathy, diabetes, chronic fatigue, bi-polar, autism, MS, fatigue, any autoimmune disfunction which includes osteoporosis, etc. I wish that I knew this information 30 years ago and I wouldn't have been living my life with poor health. It is long but listen while you are working on something else, you will be SO glad that you did.

And here is the ultimate irony in this.... This institute is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan! This is where I lived when I became ill initially.

A little update on my health and veganism. So far to date I'm between 50 and 60 pounds lighter than I was last November when I started this new lifestyle. My cholesterol is down to 184 from a whopping 255 initially with my LDL being WAY too high back then. I didn't want to go on medication so I just avoided the doctor for a few years.... charming! My blood pressure is down 10 points. I walk five miles a day effortlessly whereas when I started doing 2 miles initially I had great difficulty breathing. I have more energy and health.

However, I am still suffering from migraines. My digestive tract becomes angry with me after I consume gluten and my weight loss halts along with lethargy and fatigue. My walking is slowed and all manner of health goes out the window from a whole wheat cracker. There is something to what this man is saying.  Apparently wheat and gluten are not what they were when God created the world way back when. Many foods have been genetically modified to increase productivity in the field. Pesticides aren't our only worry. We are killing ourselves with our food and then using drugs to try to correct it.

In this report, Dr. Den Boer spoke about a man who weighed in at 330 pounds and worked out three hours a day. He couldn't budge his weight (sound familiar). The culprit was gluten. When he went off he started losing weight rapidly. One day he treated himself to a pizza and a hot dog... gained 10 pounds... hmmm.

DBC Natural Health Website

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