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Sunday, January 6, 2013

More weight loss tips...

Hi everyone.... thought I'd give you a little update on my progress.

It's been 8 1/2 weeks since I started my little vegan challenge. As you know I chose not to weight myself because I felt it would be too crushing for me to see the number so I can't tell you how much weight I have lost. I also didn't want to be obsessive about weight, feeling discouraged by plateaus or low numbers since weight has such a tendency to fluctuate. Even though I started this with the goal of getting into my little black dress, I jumped back on the health bandwagon pretty quickly and it now becomes about living a long and healthy life.

Years ago I was very educated on proper nutrition and I lived by what I knew. Sometime about 12 years ago I fell off the wagon being overwhelmed with feeding my little children, one who refused anything of "healthy" nature and still does. Because of her physical disability even getting exercise became difficult and I joined the ranks of the rest of the americans on the SAD diet. In addition, I used the struggles that I was experiencing in life to "justify" my poor eating habits. But let's face it, life is full of struggles, if you are going to wait to eat right till things are working for you, you might as well give it up now. It had disastrous consequences as I packed on 100 pounds, increased my cholesterol and blood pressure and who knows what it did to my blood sugar levels. As the years increased, so did my chances of adding some serious health issues to my already compromised immune system. Struggles abound in life, but now I added a whole heap of new trials to my mountain!

So, here I am. I made it through the holidays, not perfect, but pretty darn good! I was very afraid that I wouldn't be able to get back to my resolve but that little black dress affair in just 2 weeks time kept me VERY honest and I am proud to report that I zipped it up the other night - yippee. Happy dance....

In addition, my wedding rings are comfortable on my fingers and I wear my blue jeans all the time. They are even starting to become a tad looser and more comfortable. Things are definitely heading in the right direction.

To keep myself motivated over the holidays I spent a good deal of time in my favorite clothing stores, trying on items. 50% off sales made it even more exciting and I was able to purchase a few of my favorites.  It's all going very well and I am able to devote more of my mental resources to other avenues now as eating right has become second nature to me.

Today my husband and I watched two movies on Netflix instant since we are all down for the count with a pesky little cold. Nothing serious, but enough to make us not want to venture out into the chilly New England air. For me it was my second time of viewing them and I was glad to be able to share my vision with my husband who has been cooking for the rest of the family while I prepare my healthy food. If you haven't seen these movies already, watch them for some good motivation. "Fat, sick and Nearly Dead" by Joe Cross is a fantastic documentary on how he went on a 60 day juice fast and rebooted his life and inspired many others along the way. "Knife over Fork" is a documentary about the connection between heart disease, cancers and diabetes and our diets. These are two that you won't want to miss if you are at all concerned about your health or those of your loved ones. I noticed that there are more on the list of Netflix so soon I will take in a few more as the need for determination arises.

I have another resource for you. "Skinny Thinking" by Laura Katleman-Prue. Right now you can purchase a Kindle copy for only 99 cents! In addition, she is offering a course in DailyOM again for as little as $1.00 that will give you some more motivation. I find that it helps to continue to add new support as I head on this journey. One method may work more for some than others so it's great to try and see what shoe fits but you can't go wrong for 99 cents.

I spent last week working on my business and personal goals with the assistance of the goddess Leona guides. They were fantastic! They helped me look at last year and define so much more about what I wanted from this year. It was a great use of $17.99 and will pay off great dividends this year so if you haven't purchased them yet, click on the link to the right on the side of my blog and pick up copies for yourself. 

There are so many things in life that we just can't control! We can't control others and how they will treat us or how their behavior will affect us. We can't control natural disasters or accidents. In one way we can't control our health, sometimes bodies fail no matter what we do however,  we CAN control what we eat and how we keep our body fit, thus pushing our health in a positive direction. We can also control our personal lives and business in the way of goal setting and intentions. The truth is that when we take just ONE positive step, many of the other parts of life fall in order too! I'm looking forward to this year and watching some things really come together. Join me this year in working to make this the best year yet - it's good for the soul!

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