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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tapping your way to Health

Right now - the 5th annual Tapping Summit is going on... for FREE.

What on earth is tapping?

Tapping is a combination of modern psychology and pressing on acupressure points that you can use to find healing in different areas of your life that have held you back. This can be anything from physical pain, anger, anxiety, self-sabotage, weight loss, etc.

I spent the evening last night listening to the test results that support this science as well as working through some of my own issues with the tapping experts via their webinar.

I was very skeptical of both the technics and the results since it just seems strange. Recounting your problems and insecurity while tapping on your body seems more than a bit flaky however in the past five years studies out of Harvard Medical school and other studies have shown that it can be a highly effective psychological healing tool. Basically you start by tapping on some specific meridian points while recounting the emotional pain that you are dealing with. Before you begin you assign a number from 0-10. It's amazing that after you have walked through the exercise for a few moments, the number of the stress level goes down.

But don't take my word for it - decide for yourself. Here's the link... Make sure you check it out today for yesterday's topics were on your financial picture and self-sabotage. I worked through both sessions twice and found them very helpful. Each day for the next 10 days, there will be two new seminars coming up at 8:00 PM EST and the seminar from the day before will disappear. Listen to the introductory videos and teachings. You may just become a believer too. http://www.thetappingsolution.com/2013event/

Check it out today... it's super easy, fun AND good for the soul!

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