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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Must Have Book... Online Reputation Management for Dummies

How is your business going? Do you have a good online presence or would you like more help in establishing a brand and identity that will bring you in the business that you want?

I have a great treat for you here. My good friend Lori Randall Stradtman has authored a wonderful book called Online Reputation Management for Dummies. It is chock full of great wisdom and step by step instructions on how to make your business soar. Do yourself a favor this holiday season and pick up a copy of the book for yourself and for anyone else who is even considering starting a business. It's an investment that will return to you in great dividends!

Lori is just another "one of us".  She is a woman has who worked hard to become an expert in her field. Her research for this book has been extensive. You can help her out by purchasing a copy of this book and in return she will help you out by imparting to you her vast amount of knowledge and experience on a subject that could literally transform your business!

Lori and I are working together on a new business venture that will help all of you "entrepreneurs" out there turn the corner in your business. Stay tuned for more details.

Click here to buy the book!


  1. Thanks Anne!! Am humbled that you're writing this for me. I poured years of work into this book and am getting rave reviews from experts in the field. Hope it helps everybody who buys it!

    1. Your welcome Lori - it's a wonderful book and needs to get in the hands of the people so that they can make a big difference in their ratings and how they are perceived online which will have great effects on their business!