"If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced." - Vincent Van Gogh

Thursday, September 13, 2012

An Apple a Day...

True confessions... I'm an apple addict... not the fruit - but the brand. I watched the "unveiling" last night of the new iphone with great interest and pride... almost had tears in my eyes! The other day I even had an intensely spiritual conversation with one of the apple salespeople on the floor.

I continue to be amazed at how fast the apple culture is growing! Facts like these absolutely blow my mind... Mac notebooks rank #1 in market share since June of all notebook computers. 17 million ipads sold April- June and 84 million iPads sold in total up to June. 84 MILLION!!! Apparently the competitors have taken notice and have launched hundreds of tablets. Apple used to have 62% market share on tablets and now since all the others have launched they've grown to 68% market share. 91% of tablet web traffic come from the iPad! The other tablets aren't even in the running. Who wants a knock off when you can have the real deal?

And for the best news! The new iphone comes out next Friday! My poor smoothie soaked, sticky, scratched, broken glassed, taped, temperamental, trampled upon and run through the treadmill multiple times iphone 4 may soon find rest.

How does apple do it? How do they own the market? They have revolutionized the word apple! It's not a fruit anymore, it's a product.

How did they get me to become teary eyed at the mention of a new device? And for that matter, how does Starbucks get me to pay $6 for a cup of coffee when years ago I couldn't gag one down for free? How does Anthropologie get me to go in there and think that the $60 tank top is a bargain not to be passed by?

Apple, Starbucks, Anthropologie aren't stores... they are a CULTURE...but how did they get that way??? I want to be a culture too!!!

Was it the great innovative product lines?

Is it because they told us that they were cool and we believed them? Even the late adopters have climbed on board now!

Entering each of these stores give me happy feelings.

Maybe it's the store environment. Yet they are so different. Apple is contemporary, sterile and crisp. Anthropologie is bohemian and Starbucks is ... brown with a touch of muted greens and reds.

I think it's because they are all artsy and global. Entering their world makes mine feel like I'm connected to a higher calling, a larger purpose. I can almost hear the angels singing... aaaahhhh. (Wasn't that what church was supposed to do?) I feel "with it" when I enter the store and feel even more elated if I walk out with a bag or cup of coffee in hand. Now THAT's branding!

So what is it about these stores that does this to me? I mean really, it's a store. It's a place that takes my money and tempts me to purchase things that I don't NEED.

Here are some of my ideas about it....

1. They aren't afraid to be different. Didn't follow the others... lead a new trend.

2. They weren't afraid to charge ridiculous amounts of money.

3. They are committed to excellence in their products!

4. Gathered a loyal fan base.

5. They sell necessary and consumable products.

6. They are available in many locations, but not everywhere so we get excited when we find a store.

7. Their products signify status and good taste.

8. People who use them feel a sense of "simpatico" with their fellow consumers.

I know, this blog is about "the soul" but in a strange way these products feed my soul. I know, it's not REAL, true and lasting... but it sure feels good at the time! Maybe it's a cheap substitute (well not really that cheap) just like my virtual life is a sub for real time with real people. Maybe we are slowly replacing the things that really matter with our consumerism and the need to have the next and greatest. Maybe we really are as superficial as some of the rest of the world think. Or, maybe we just like new and different.

I don't know.... It's all too deep for me today... you think about it for me, will you? I'm going to go put on my Anthro shirt, grab my iphone and go get a cup of coffee!

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