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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Missed Connections....

"You were wearing an average office suit with an admirabley messy haircut. I was the girl with brown curly hair and a blouse with horses on it. We did that awkward back-and-forth shuffle of two strangers trying to pass each other on the street; then you grabbed me and gently swirled me in a mini waltz in the middle of the lunchtime shoppers and angry passersby. I would understand that moment if it happened now - two people sharing a delicate second in a day that hadn't gone to plan. But now, when it happened I was in my awkward early-twenties, so I just frowned, trudged away and hoped no one had noticed. Thanks for making my day." Cat Hughes, Dublin from missed connections blog.

Missed Connections.... An occasion when two people have "connected" and have not exchanged contact information. Years ago people used to post flyers around town in hopes of locating the lost soul, seldom having favorable results. Most "missed connections" are about romance.  

In 2000 Craigslist noticed a growing number of personal classified ads on the topic and so started their own "missed connections" page. These are full of stories that tug at your heart, create a chuckle or perhaps make you wonder. hmmm  Check out the Boston Craiglist ads here.

Below are a few that caught my attention.

"To my beautiful boy on New Years Eve. Date: 2003-12-31, 12:40AM 

we will both be with other people tonight and I am trying to constantly convince myself that this is for the best. when the clock strikes midnight, just know that I will be thinking of you and wish we could be together instead. 
you will forever be in my heart." 

"Is There Love After You? 
Date: 2003-12-29, 10:17AM 

To quote a song..."Is there breath after breath? Is there life after death? Is there love after you?" 
This will be the sixth NYE since you died. The sixth time I resolve to starting a new year telling myself that you died, I didn't and that I can continue on without you. And the sixth time I'll have to admit that I'm wrong. Because when you died, I went with you."

Here's one from yesterday:
 "I was walking in back bay when you complimented my shoes. I was deep in thought, and thanked you.. but I wish I would've talked with you a bit more :) If you see this, tell me what else I was wearing. I would love to catch up."

Lonely hearts seeking connection... something real and meaningful... This is better than the movies!

Sophie Blackall, artist and journalist has created a sweet quirky book from a blog of missed connections. Fascinated by stories of those whose ships passed in the night and want to get them back... she created artful illustrations that invite whimsy and joy into the readers world. Check out some of her art below! (If you click on the pictures - they will become larger and you will be able to read the words)

So here are some creative exercise ideas if you are up for them.

1. Write your own missed connections Ad (and post it if you are really daring)
2. Read some missed connections and envision a story coming out of it... write or illustrate it...
3. Illustrate some with your art form... photography/painting/drawing, etc.
4. Write a poem based on a missed connection....

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