"If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced." - Vincent Van Gogh

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's all about a tweak....

We've been steadily working on the studio space trying to get it done. The big clincher has been the electricity. My husband, armed with the knowledge that he had from wiring our basement 10 years ago went to work on putting in a switch and two new outlets. The trick was that the wiring is attached to our neighbors master bedroom and the power goes over to their breaker box. To get to the box, we have to ask them to turn it off or un-luck their doors so we can get in.

Late last night, we finally got it all done - the lights came on after three failed attempts. We happily cleaned up the room and I started setting up my studio lights. Tom was on the floor reading and enjoying the fruit of his labors and I flipped the light switch off. Everything went dark. Even the lights plugged into the outlets shut down. When I turned the switch back on...nothing. Just then our neighbor came home and we had her to turn the breaker back on.... sparks flew everywhere!

So we called our friend who is an electrician. Even though he was out of town, he dispatched his son out first thing in the morning. Turns out that my husband had wired the switch wrong. One little wrong move and bam... sparks!

Isn't life like that? We can get 99% of something right but if we are just a little bit off... things don't work out. It's like a math problem, You can spend 20 minutes doing a long equation and if in the end you have a tiny error, the whole thing is wrong! Chemistry.... put one wrong chemical in and you can have a disaster! What about an airline pilot... hmmm

The old saying goes, "Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades". Ain't it the truth though! This world is a bit unforgiving because as we know, even our best efforts are often not good enough.

We learn to live with imperfection, both in ourselves and others. How? It's called GRACE. No one can get it right 100% of the time. If we expect it to be done right all the time, we are going to spend our life living in disappointment.

I do believe in doing everything with excellence. When I became a photographer, I sought training, lots of it. I procured a mentor and learned all that I could. I was committed to being the very best that I could be, and I still am. I never stop learning and growing.

But there are other things that I'm not very good at! I'm not an organized bill payer. I get bogged down under paperwork and details and forget school deadlines. I don't keep up with the mundane.

So, I pat myself on the shoulders and take pride in my work and I cut myself some slack on the other. I get help in those areas that I will never be good at so that my life runs smoothly.

Today, look at the areas of your life. What do you do well? What don't you do as well? Can you get help with those things?

How about with others? Do you need to will some grace to someone today? Or maybe you can help them with some area of their lives and they can help you with yours. We are all on the same journey. Let's join hands and move forward together.... it's good for the soul!

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