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Friday, March 1, 2013

Green Juice - Against the advice of my family...I'm posting

Against the advice of my husband and teenage daughter, I'm posting this video. Yep... here it is - positive, proof that I really don't care what people think about me!!! First of all - it's me, in my yoga pants, no makeup, hair unkempt and horrible flat lighting on my face. Now you all know that I KNOW how to make myself and others look great on camera - hazard of the trade - but this time, I just wanted to be real - very real.

I had just gotten done watching one of the videos that I posted yesterday "Foodmatters". In it they talked about the importance of eating organic food and they said that 51% of our daily intake of food should be raw. I figure that I'm about at the 39% mark, maybe 40% but thought it would be a good idea to tip the scales in the favor of nutrition. After all, if I'm going to live without sugar and all animal products I might as well get the most bang for my buck. I'm not only going for a slim body - I want my health back! Yep - all of it!!!

I want to say no to chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia that have been dogging me for 25 years - DONE - no more...  I don't want to deal with any excess pounds and I don't want to live with the effects of a toxic system... So to do that - time to get a bit more serious about my diet.

And here's your treat - I'm posting it for all of you to see! I know... it's hysterical. My husband almost wet his pants when he saw it yesterday. I heard him hooting and hollering downstairs. He came up with a huge grin on his face. He said "maybe you should rehearse it a few times before you publish it." I could do that in a "vitametavegimin" Lucille Ball sort of way - but I'd rather give you the plane truth. It's just not easy and delightful at first to follow these dietary practices - which is why most people will never do it! I get it - I'm as human as the rest of you! But I'm doing it and for your viewing pleasure - here is my proof....

I realize that this video will probably dissuade you from ever making and drinking your own green juice - but I'm not doing it because it tastes good  - I'm doing it because it's good for me. Yes, a shamrock shake is as green as I like to get - shoot - I shouldn't have thought about that - hmmm. 

Whether you are joining me on this healthful journey or just listening to it for fun...  it's all good for the soul! Bottoms up!

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