"If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced." - Vincent Van Gogh

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Artistic Inspiration... A Poem written and performed by Derrick Brown

The last few days have again turned my eyes towards Heaven.

Six months before my dear grandmother died, she had an experience that she could not understand. While she was napping in bed, she felt someone touch her on the toe. She woke up and saw a beautiful man with kind eyes standing at the foot of her bed. He said "Grace, come with me". She leapt out of bed feeling none of the familiar arthritic pain or vision problems. Her chronic cough was gone. As she followed this man, they were walking along a beach. She said to him, "Are you Jesus". He looked at her. She said, "You have the kindest eyes, you must be Jesus". He then said "Grace, take my hand and climb up here with me." She said to him "But I see no stairs". "Trust me" he said. They climbed high above the earth and she looked down at the beauty. And then....

She was back in her bed. Was it a dream or did it really happen? She believed that it was way more real than her dreams every were. I believe it was a true spiritual experience. Grandma was more prone to intuition and spiritual encounters than most people. She had a special revelatory gifting that would catch her by surprise now and again.

Grandma and I used to play a little game. I would wake up one day and say "I think I better visit Grandma. I believe she is expecting me". I would make the trek into town to visit her and she would always say. "Oh Ruthie, I knew you'd come today".  Never failed.

Grandma has been gone about 15 years now. She was very special to me and I to her. One day after her spiritual encounter, she climbed those steps and chose not to return. She's up there with my grandpa who died a few years before her. She used to fuss because she believed that he wouldn't know her anymore. He wouldn't know he had been happily married to her for 60 plus years. I'm sure he was the first one there to greet her!

There is so much mystery in the afterlife. We wonder if our loved ones see us down here or give thought to the earth. We wonder what they really do to stay busy and the issue of timelessness is rather confusing. I often wonder if we all "sleep" and then arise together or if they are up there first without us. And the children... do they stay young forever? Do they grow? Is there age? Lots of questions... answers will come in time.

Right now our job is to live passionately and love ferociously. We are the hands and feet of God. With our mouths we can bless. With our actions we can show love.

This holiday season, give of yourself, your time, your love. Don't hold back. The world needs you!

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