"If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced." - Vincent Van Gogh

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Pain Avoiders

This morning I set my alarm, got myself out of bed to go to bender ball/yoga. I have to say that I made it there a bit late, but was not too sad about it because bender ball is KILLER. Basically it's pilates with a little ball that you squeeze while you do a bunch of things that tighten your tummy.

I always go to yoga with great excitement because I feel SOOOO good when I'm done. However, usually during yoga I remember the pain and strength that I need to pull off the exercises and then I say to myself "Why exactly is it that I LIKE this?" I push through however because sitting down in the middle of class attracts attention that I would rather not have. At the end of the class we get to enjoy savasana. This is when you get to just lie there and let your body relax and melt into the floor. At the end of a long workout, it is complete heaven as I listen to the gentle music and my muscles and bones realign. I leave feeling GREAT! In fact, I feel so great that tonight I'm going to go back to the gym and torture myself with an hour of zumba and yoga again.

My actions are really a tad abnormal. As a rule we human souls are pain avoiders. We don't like what doesn't feel good. We want to eat what tastes good to us. We dislike confrontation so we avoid people that we don't prefer. We usually try to take the easy way out of things. Unfortunately in life, there really are no short cuts. You get what you put into it. You can't cheat and get great results either in physical health and fitness or in work or relationships.

Life takes hard work. If you aren't pushing ahead, you are falling behind. It's one of the unfortunate realities of this world.

Is there anywhere in your life where you are taking a short cut? How are you "paying" for it? Are you avoiding something that needs to get done or be said? Are you taking control of your life or are you letting the chips fall where they may? Are you happy with the way your life is?

I'm old enough to know that despite the best laid plans, things can and do go wrong regularly. I know that unforseen circumstances can set you back and change the course of your life. However, I also believe that there are things that ARE within our control if we dare push through the pain for a positive outcome.

So today, I challenge you to begin to take charge of your life. Take a look back at last year and see where improvement can happen in both your personal lives and your business. Make some lasting changes that will serve you better in the new year.

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