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Monday, December 3, 2012

Step 2 - Reprogramming

Saturday we spoke about motivation... how to inspire your conscious mind to START on a weight loss program - or anything else else for that matter. Something has to motivate you further than a thought or an urge, it has to be strong enough to cause you to take action. Often it takes more than one thing to motivate you to action and we have to learn to continually motivate ourselves to proceed further with the action until it becomes a new habit (around 60 days they say). We have to STAY motivated and keep the momentum up.

Here's the trick. Our conscious minds may want to be healthy but our subconscious habits are already programmed in unhealthy ways. Sometimes it's unhealthy thinking or maybe it's as easy as stimulus/response. We see food on TV and suddenly we want to eat or we pass the donut shop and go in because it beckons. It may be a feeling of sadness or another emotion that is the stimulus that triggers the desire to eat. Whatever it is, we need to reprogram our subconscious minds to do what our conscious minds want.

Our subconscious minds are like a garden, if you plant good seeds you will reap a harvest, however if you plant bad thoughts or let others place those thoughts in your mind, you will reap weeds. Weeds come in the form of extra weight, sluggishness and not fulfilling your life's purpose. I don't know about you, but I do not want to die without giving it a really good stab at being all that I can be in my life!

Saturday I gave you a wonderful link to a course I'm taking on self-hyponosis to weight loss. Hundreds of thousands of people have been successful with this. I know that for every one person you know who has a weight problem and have successfully lost the weight, you probably know 20 others that haven't. And for all the people we know who have lost the weight, most put it back on and then some within the first year. It really does feel futile! But there ARE people that have success and keep the weight off. This is because not only have they gotten their behavior to support their goals, but also because their subconscious minds have been reprogrammed also to support their goals. You can do this. You are brave! You are a conqueror! You are impressive! Think of the things in your life where you have had success.... you can do it on this level too! And again, the same principles apply to any challenge in life, not just weight loss.

Here is the link again to the course. I don't always make it through the 20 minutes of listening - on some days because I'm so busy I just skip right to the reprogramming last 10 minutes. I can bring myself into a state of relaxation and hypnosis really easily. Some people can't, so do what is right for you. The course also has some great tips and explanations for stimulus/response and helps you really find out what is going on inside your head. Permanent weight loss with self-hypnosis.

Tomorrow I will share with you one of my conscious plans to staying motivated. Blessings on your journey and your day!

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