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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Australian film maker Joe Cross was over 100 pounds overweight and ill with an autoimmune disease. After four years of living on prednisone and other pills he took matters into his own hands and decided to go on a juice fast consisting of fruits and vegetables. In 31 days he lost 47 pounds and in 60 days he was down 82 pounds and feeling better than ever. Along the journey he found a truck driver weighing in at 429 pounds and through his inspiration, Phil was able to lose over 227 pounds and is now inspiring others in a healthful lifestyle.

You NEED to see this movie. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. You can watch it on Netflix instant if you like or click on the title and it will bring you to Hulu where you can also watch it.

It's a fascinating documentary on the weight and health problems that we have put on ourselves. The film is 1 hour and 37 minutes and well worth your time. Be inspired, informed and healthy. They made my Vegan diet look like a cakewalk! In fact, once I feel sufficiently detoxed I'm going to go on a juice fast. I've done it before and I can do it again. Maybe right after Christmas to give myself another little push to get into that black dress. But let me be clear, this isn't as much about weight loss as is it about health and quality of life. People seem to be alright with "checking out" early. After all, life is kind of a drudge. We work hard and there are always problems waiting at every turn to drag us down. But the truth is that checking out early if you can help it is a bit selfish. What about those kids and grandchildren that would have the benefit of knowing and loving you? What about the people that you can still touch with love? And no body thinks about quality of life because until you lose your health and are bedridden, you don't understand the price. Aches and pains we can live with and mask, but serious illnesses and death are no laughing matter.

I mean here is really the deal. As long as we feel good, we make no changes. Even if we don't feel completely energetic we don't change because it is just TOO hard to go counter culture. The reason that I gave up my healthy lifestyle years ago was because it was expensive and too hard to keep it up. So much easier to grab a burger when you are on the run and I'm much more into a juicy steak than a glass of green. As the price of fruits and vegetables started to rise, my intake went down. But thank goodness for price clubs! Fruits and veggies in bulk.

In America we tend to equate slender with healthy. Slender people still get heart attacks and cancer. Slender people still have strokes. Slender people develop autoimmune problems... CFS, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, colon issues, skin conditions, etc. I wasn't heavy when I got sick! It's not all about having no fat, it's also about what we put into our bodies to keep us healthy. It's about nourishment. Yes, I know this isn't a popular message, but it's the truth and one that most of us would rather turn away from.

Here's my gift to all of you readers. Choose life. Choose health. My health left me at age 27. With it went my financial security and quality of life. It not only has affected me but my entire family. A whole new generation struggles because of the burden that my poor health has put upon them.

There comes a time when we must look at the truth. In the movie Phil and Joe both said, "I did this to myself. I have no one else to blame. I am the only one that can change it and I am going to have to pay the price to fix it". We all pay the price whether it's now with eating vegetables or later on the table getting bypass surgery or spending tons of money on medications.

Press on the movie image below for the link on Hulu. This is the best present that you can give yourself and your family for the holiday season.... added health and life expectancy. Clarity of thoughts and motivation. Joy and peace. Amazing that all those things can all come from your food choices. But it's true. Eat your vegetables - it's good for the soul!

Joe Cross

Phil Riverstone

And here are a few other people who's lives have been affected by watching this movie. There are way more on youtube if you are interested!

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