"If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced." - Vincent Van Gogh

Monday, December 10, 2012

Do you Self-Sabotage?

Life is going perfectly. You are at the top of your game. You found your true love. You are making lots of money. You are happier than you have ever been and then..... it all goes south. You start looking for problems with your job. Your love is no longer the perfect god/goddess that you thought they were. You believe that you shouldn't be too happy so you mess with a good thing. Or maybe you run into the same patterns over and over again in your life and you just can't seem to break them. You may be self-sabotaging. 

As the year draws to an end we look at out accomplishments throughout the year. What have you accomplished? What are you proud of? What do you regret? What wall do you consistently run up against when you are trying to move forward? Are you happy inside? Do you experience joy from the decisions that you make or are you a victim, slugging through the day in a low whine waiting for the day when you will be "released" from your burdens?

Your answers tell a lot about you as does your life experiences. If you are not satisfied with the course that your life has taken, despite having some great opportunities for improving those situations maybe you are self-sabotaging.

If you think that you may be sealing your own doom, I have a great option for you today. It's a course called Overcoming Self-Sabotage by Debbie Ford. You can take it for as little as $1 if you don't have the resources to pay more. Check it out! I'm enjoying it immensely as it helps me pinpoint areas for greater efficiency and improvement and understand my emotions better.

As we continue in this "being all that we can be" theme without having to join the army, benefit from this great course. It's good for the soul!

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