"If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced." - Vincent Van Gogh

Monday, August 6, 2012

Dreams: Revelations of the Night

I had a passionate conversation with my husband the other day about "provision", namely God's provision for us. I had been working on the bills and was looking at paying private school tuition and college. The hard cold facts left my life goals and dreaming out any equation and even threw the modest construction of my new art studio in the garage off balance.

When I went out that night for "a good time" with my husband I was not feeling like having fun. I emoted about life and finances and how I felt that I always had barely enough to squeak by and worked my "butt" off (Actually that statement is wrong because the harder I work the more my rear end grows  because I don't take time to go to the gym. We should call it, "work your butt ON").  Anyway, my soul was NOT HAPPY. I had quite a few words of complaint about the unfairness of life, mine in particular.

That night I had a dream. In the dream my husband and I were driving a VW Bug. I was complaining about God and his provision and suddenly this little older man of spanish descent with scars all over his face and a big smile slid right into the car through the windshield (not breaking it) and sat between us on the console. I immediately knew that he was an angel of unlikely fashion, perhaps even one assigned to me. He started assuring me that my conversation was heard and that I will have all that I need.

In the next scene of the dream I am wisked off into a bus and I see this same man/angel on the bus. Let's call him George for argument's sake. George was in a bus with other "angels in disguise" and they were throwing morsels to the people on the bus. The nuggets of food, chocolate chips and scallops, were picked up by some and left by others who didn't notice them. He winked at me to show me that everybody gets some of this provision but not all take it or notice it.

In the third scene of the dream, I'm in a large department store with my oldest daughter. We are shopping for beach flippers (she wants to be an aquatic vet and is looking at many years of schooling ahead of her and is worrying about paying for all of it). We are standing in an isle seeing very little of what we need when George shows up again. He's disguised as a store clerk. My daughter asks him for flippers and I'm in the midst of explaining to her that we have lots of other things to pay for when George sprints up to the top shelf and starts organizing all of our items. I realize that everything on that shelf is ours and there are some pretty big piles that keep growing!  He gives me a knowing smile and I thank him for showing me this in front of my daughter who also needs to understand that our provision is vast and wide.

I woke up from this dream on Sunday morning with a lighter spirit.

So what's it mean? I should explain here that I actually took 2 extended classes in dream interpretation and devoted one year of my life working for the organization who taught them so I was embroiled in the topic. In recent years I haven't paid much attention to my dreams, wanting to deal in "reality". hmmm

Dreams are metaphorical, not literal. This was a pretty easy dream to interpret. I could pick it apart for hours but here's the general gist....I was questioning God's provision and an angel shows up in our car (our life's journey), through the front window (viewing the future) to assure me that my needs will be met.

The bus is symbolic of life's journey in the general sense for all people. The tiny morsels of food were delivered at the hands of the angels, some noticed, some did not. They were available for everyone if they paid attention. Daily food (fish) AND goodies (chocolate) are provided.

Shopping (seeking) in a department store (world) was us looking for what needed. George showing up and organizing our belongings on the top shelf showed us that all we needed and more was there but we would need some help to get it. I saw that some of it would be supplied at the proper time and that we wouldn't get it all at once but it's there and good old George will pass it down when we needed it.

In summary, bottom line - don't worry about tomorrow. God will supply all that you need. It's all there for you. Ok, so those of you that read the Bible know that's already in there! (Click the red words there and it will take you to the verse). But since I was having trouble with that, I got a dream. It spoke directly to my soul and gave me peace.

Dreams are the communication of your soul! It's your soul communicating with yourself and God communicating with you through your soul. Dreams tell you what you are thinking deep down inside. Dreams ward off the junk that you experience in the day that your mind doesn't want to pay attention to. Dreaming is your imagination's chance to play at night when your mind isn't full of so many other issues. Horror movies have been made from dreams. Einstein's theory of relativity was given to him in a dream. Paintings have been inspired by dreams. Handel's Messiah was written from a dream!

It's time for you to look at your dreams. Do any dreams stand out for you that were meaningful? Did a dream ever help you change the course of your life?

As you dig into your soul and try to understand yourself better, don't forget to pay attention to your night time revelations! They reveal more about you and will lead you to some answers that you might not see during the day light hours.

So tonight, dream a little dream for you... it's good for the soul!

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