"If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced." - Vincent Van Gogh

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Finding Love...

Who could guess that the demons will rarely
show up with Dracula teeth and wart-covered noses?
That their disguise is so much more clever than that,
as they wrap themselves around you like a second skin,
panting their familiar complaints and self-justifications
into your ear until you believe that this is all there is to it all.

Who could guess that all that fixing and fighting,
resisting and improving yourself would
keep you an eternal arm-length away from the real medicine?
And that you, in those moments you remember love,
are soaked....

--- Chameli Ardagh

Evil speaks to us as if it is our own idea. It is not usually obvious, but very subtle. It disguises itself so cleverly that we are led down it's path without knowing.

But trying to find evil shouldn't be our focus. Our eyes should always be looking for and at the good. Sure, everything is a mixed bag on this earth. The wheat is sown right along with the tares. Someday it will all be sorted out. But for today it's a great time to just see the beauty in all things.

See the love in a child's smile. Feel the strength of a warm embrace. Laugh heartily at the comical. Love passionately. Reflect on beauty with a vengeance. Live the questions. Trust the process.

Feel the love beating in your heart. It's approving of you. It's trusting in you. It is proud of you. The sun kisses your cheek, while the gentle breeze encircles you in the form of a warm embrace. The touch of one's hand on yours is the love of more than that one.... it's tenderness comes from a higher source that infuses us with his goodness and love.

Today, notice that love, feel it, cherish it, relish it and share it. It's good for the soul!

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